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WAND Consulting

“We’re not just another Credit Repair company. Our approach is to empower our clients through financial literacy, to take full control of their finances in order to ensure that they don't repeat the same mistakes that lead them to having poor credit scores. You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today”

- Walter Anderson, Founder

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  • Get Your Spending on Track

  • We’re Dedicated to Working for You

  • Build Your Credit Knowledge

  • Stay Updated on Your Credit Progress

  • Make a Plan to Live Debt Free

  • Make Saving Quick and Easy

  • Take Back Control of Your Credit

  • Ensure Your Info is Secure

  • Ensure Your Family is Protected

  • Create a Financial Roadmap

  • Discover Your Net Worth

  • Peace of Mind for Life’s Uncertainties

  • Teach Your Kids Proven Financial Habits

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Walter Anderson

Passionate Financial Literacy Coach

Walter Anderson, the founder of WAND Consulting, created a platform to both equip and empower his clients to take control of their credit and their finances.  He focusses his interests on value creation and connection to the entrepreneur community as exhibited by his many contributions in and around Houston.

Walter is a former graduate of the University of Missouri and a former Certified Insurance Consultant and Certified Risk Manager.  His 27 years in the insurance/financial services industry provide a wealth of knowledge, experience and guidance to his client base.  His mission is to help as many people as possible to change their lives through improving their credit and to begin the process of creating lasting wealth.  He currently hosts a weekly national talkshow, “Coffee, Coin & Credit”, every Tuesday morning at 10 a.m. CST on Facebook/Instagram Live.

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“Are you willing to accept anything less than the credit you want, the credit you need and the credit you deserve?”

Tyler Gregory

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