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the 2017-2018 annual awards ceremony for advanced collectives and outstanding individuals of undergraduates in china medical university, held on nov. 27, 2018, marks the kickoff of the “eisai china scholarships” and “eisai china grants” that eisai china inc. (eci) provides to seven famous chinese universities in 2018. ms. jun zheng, eci’s senior regional manager of nta business unit, wenge he, secretary of the party committee of the school of pharmacy of china medical university, and xiaoyue ji, deputy director of the training center of rural doctor of china, presented the awards to the representatives of the students.

the 2017-2018 academic year china medical university-eisai china scholarships and grants are awarded as follows:

awarding objects: 25 undergraduates formally registered in clinical medicine and pharmacy related majors.

  1. the eisai china scholarships are awarded to 3 students in the long schooling clinical medicine major, 4 ones in the 5-year clinical medicine major, and 3 ones in the pharmacy-related majors, 10 winners in total with rmb 4,000 yuan per person.
    2. the eisai china grants are awarded to 5 students in the long schooling clinical medicine major, 5 ones in the 5-year clinical medicine major, and 5 ones in the pharmacy-related majors, 15 winners in total with 4,000 yuan per person.

(photo of the representatives of the winners)

eci started the eisai china scholarships and grants program in china medical university in 2014, and donates over rmb100, 000 yuan every year to reward the hardworking undergraduate students with excellent academic performance and financial difficulties. as of 2018, a total of 50 outstanding students have received scholarships in the five consecutive years, and 75 students with good performance and financial difficulties have received grants.

eisai china launched the scholarships and grants program in 2000. by the end of 2018, the firm has donated more than rmb 8 million yuan to chinese institutions, which benefited more than 1,800 outstanding students and students with financial difficulties. congratulations to all those who have harvested both excellent results and rewards through hard work in 2018. we hope that you will work even harder and complete your studies with persistent diligence and excellent performance. in the following days let’s look forward to more news from the winners of the eisai china scholarships and grants in sun yat-sen university, china pharmaceutical university, school of basic medical sciences of fudan university , peking university health science center, west china medical center of sichuan university, and school of pharmacy of shenyang pharmaceutical university .

in recent years, eisai china scholarships and grants program has been highly valued and strongly supported by ms. yanhui feng, president of china region of eisai, as well as the eisai top management team. relevant leaders have participated in the scholarships and grants awarding activities for times, and adjusted and improved the awards settings. the original purpose of the eisai china scholarships and grants program is to promote the development of china’s higher medical education, to reward the outstanding students and help students with financial difficulties successfully complete their studies, to train more medical professionals for the society, and practice the firm’s human health care (hhc) corporate philosophy.

corporate mission: we give first thought to patients and their families, and to increasing the benefits health care provides.
corporate vision:  we, in compliance with all relevant laws and ethical standards under any healthcare system and in any business activities, strive to become a human health care company with existence value.
corporate values: innovation, inspire high, integrity, ownership, team work

eisai has been smoothly developing its business in china since the early 1990s, starting with the establishment of shenyang eisai pharmaceutical co., ltd. in 1991, followed by the establishment of eisai suzhou pharmaceutical co., ltd. in suzhou industrial park, a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility which was officially renamed eisai china inc. in 2002. with the development of its business in china, eisai (suzhou) trading co., ltd. was established in suzhou industrial park in 2010 and eisai china holdings ltd. was set up in 2014. in 2015, eisai (liaoning) pharmaceutical co., ltd. was officially established through the full takeover of a local generic drug manufacturer. so far, a development mode has been formed, consisting of eisai china holdings ltd. for capital control and management, while eisai china inc., eisai (liaoning) pharmaceutical co., ltd. and eisai (suzhou) trading co., ltd. for business support.

some say that youth is poetry, and future is a dream. we sincerely wish that all the students majored in medical science and pharmacy work hard, scale new heights, be fearless of challenges and stay true to the mission; we hope that every award-winning student stay true to the mission in considering the problems and decisions in their study and future work, and act to achieve the goal of “human health care” to salute the youth!