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· environmental protection

in line with eisai’s environmental protection policy, eisai china inc. is making every effort to protect the environment and continuously implements cleaner, energy saving production processes at its suzhou plant. to decrease energy consumption, we have installed high-efficient illumination system, energy-saving lamps and other energy-saving equipment in the plant. taking advantage of advanced plate heat exchanger, we are able to recycle heat from steam condensate, thereby reducing the steam consumption. also, we install the outdoor cooling tower to increase the use of recycled water while reducing the fresh water consumption. additionally, our membrane bio-reactor (mbr) sewage treatment system follows internal standards for environmental emissions that are stricter than the national standards. as a result of these efforts, eisai suzhou’s total expenditures on water, electricity and gas have been declining year by year. our plant consistently sticks to waste classification and strictly implements requirements of hazardous waste disposal control, with a steady waste recovery rate of more than 80%. each year, we will set co2 emission target and work hard to achieve such target. we have made every effort to provide protection and safety to all workers at the plant, and have increased their environment protection awareness through education and training. the effective iso14001 environment management system and ohsas18001 occupational health and safety management system that we established in suzhou plant have been approved by british standards institution (bsi). as an hhc company, we strive for continual improvement in our system to minimize any detrimental effects of our operations and products on the environment.


· eisai’s environmental protection policy

“eisai and its group of companies place global environmental protection as an important component of business operations and strive to maintain the environment.”