eisai china suzhou plant successfully passed the energy management system certification – eisai china lnc.-pg电子app

reviewed by china quality certification center, the suzhou factory of eisai china inc (hereinafter referred to as the “suzhou factory”) has successfully passed the gb/t23331-2020/iso50001: 2018 energy management system certification and obtained the certificate. this marks significant achievements in the construction of the energy management system and production energy-saving management of suzhou factory in scientific, lean and standardized aspects.

under the advocacy of the national 30/60 carbon policy and eisai’s global 30/40 carbon requirements, in august 2022, suzhou plant established an energy management team in order to better promote lean production and energy conservation and emission reduction. relevant departments conducted a comprehensive variance analysis against the energy management system standard, actively formulated energy improvement plans, and implemented and completed the implementation and documentation of the energy management system. in march 2023, suzhou plant completed the audit by the expert team of china quality certification center, which highly evaluated the achievements of suzhou plant in energy management and successfully passed the energy management system certification and obtained the certification.

suzhou plant will take the energy management system certification as an opportunity to continue to promote lean and efficient production, guide the construction of a green and sustainable “zero carbon” factory, and strive to put into practice the “hhc” (human health care) corporate philosophy of caring for human health, to better reflect corporate social responsibility.