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on september 3rd 2016, the peripheral neuropathy forum is successfully held by eisai china inc. in changsha, china.

feng yanhui, pu chuanqiang, liu zhongjun, zhu dalong

on the forum, ms. feng yanhui, general manager of eisai china (holding) co., ltd and eisai china inc., firstly delivered a welcome speech. she said, “welcome to our forum, all my keynote speakers and fellows, honorable gusts and friends, eisai china is committed to promoting the development and progress of the field of neuroscience in china, hoping to get together with the country’s elite, to harvest more cutting-edge academic achievements, and to harvest more profound friendship. at the same time, ms. feng stressed that, we should consider all kinds of patients and their families in different health needs, as our primary task is to meet these needs; in order to meet the different needs of health, eisai china is committed to being a valuable and “human health care” company.

ms. feng delivers her speech.

the forum invited more than 400 experts from home and abroad, including kols, academics and medical doctors, to study and discuss more advanced, more authoritative and professional academic ideas. professor liu zhongjun from the people’s liberation army general hospital, professor zhu dalong from no.3 hospital of peking university and professor pu chuanqiang from nanjing gulou hospital jointly served as chairmen of the main forum, to organize a number of well-known experts to present with multi angles and to discuss various cases of clinical practices with the participants, from the research history and the development of the peripheral neuropathy disciplines, the new progress in diagnosis and treatment of the disease, the sensory neurons: from animal models to the clinical syndrome, the identification to intermittent claudication related diseases, the diagnosis and treatment of diabetic peripheral neuropathy and etc.

main forum photo

at the same time, the forum set up four special sub-seminars, including internal neurology seminar, orthopedics seminar, endocrine seminar and ophthalmic seminar, to carry out the academic speeches discussing and sharing practical experiences in fields such case studies of the peripheral neuropathy, the treatment of spinal degenerative diseases and the surgery strategies, advances in the screening of diabetic peripheral neuropathy, the diabetic neuropathy, the group consultation among the diabetes endocrine, the neurological and the ophthalmic, the guide to the interpretation of glaucoma, the diabetic retinopathy and clinical experiences, and so on.

it is understood that eisai china has opened several activities accordingly, such as, the universal detectives: difficult cases of peripheral neuropathy, the super swordsmen: ddd difficult disease meeting, the eef elite edition: diabetic peripheral neuropathy “big consultation”, the eyeshot precedents: ophthalmic difficult cases sharing, and etc., which have been recognized by medical doctors and highly praised the eisai’s brand, and also those are the best practices of “hhc” (human health care) philosophy and promote the development for the field of neuroscience in china.

for the starry night by van gogh, the bright nebula will always shine brightly in the history of art. for classics, it can cross the river of history, for people to collect and read. just as the field of neuroscience, it has made the immortal classics. eisai always gives the first thought to patients and their families, and to increasing the benefits health care provides. and it guides eisai for the health with the medical researchers, promotes the academic innovation; it is particularly bright on the academic study of the peripheral neuropathy.