2010 “yellow handkerchief” love action kicks off! – eisai china lnc.-pg电子app

on september 11, 2010, eci held a press conference and kick off ceremony in beijing to launch the “yellow handkerchief love action” event this year. this activity is aimed at appealing to the public nationwide to pay more attention to and care for dementia patients and to make concerted efforts in the prevention and treatment of dementia.
the yellow handkerchief love action series was launched in 2006 in collaboration with the alzheimer’s and related diseases commission of china senile healthcare. this is an ongoing project that calls the attention and participation of people from all walks of life.
each year on september 21, alzheimer’s associations around the world unite to celebrate world alzheimer’s day and join in efforts to raise awareness of as well as the prevention and treatment of the disease. as part of this effort, eci organized large-scale free medical consultation and treatment events in six major cities in china (qingdao, xian, tianjin, wuhan, chongqing and nanjing). over 4,000 doctors participated in these events, which draws thousands of elderly people each year. in a similar effort, 120 grade-a hospitals across china have set up alzheimer’s disease centers and carried out small-scale free medical consultation and treatment events.
in fulfillment of its corporate social responsibility, eci will continue to proactively participate in activities aimed at disseminating knowledge of alzheimer’s disease, advocating care for the elderly, and helping to create a harmonious society.