eisai donating medical supplies and cashes valued rmb 600,000 to ludian earthquake stricken areas in yunnan – eisai china lnc.-pg电子app

on aug. 21, 2014, eisai, with the help of seismic rescue brigade dispatched by the second affiliated hospital of kunming medical university, donated medical supplies and cashed valued rmb 600,000 to the areas in yunnan hit by ludian earthquake, including medical supplies valued rmb 250,000 and rmb 350,000 cashes. the cashes will be used in post-disaster reconstruction of village clinics there.

eisai attached great importance to this ludian earthquake relief work. the chairman ose yoshiyuki and general manager feng yanhui of eisai went to the second affiliated hospital of kunming medical university in person and handed over the medical suppliers and cashed to the seismic rescue brigade on a simple donation ceremony. lu xin, vice-president of the second affiliated hospital of kunming medical university, mao yin, director of the medical department and zhong yong, deputy director of the medical department attended the ceremony. after the ceremony, the chairman, general manager and other delegates from eisai visited 3 patients injured in the earthquake and then receiving treatment in the orthopaedic ward and burn ward, presenting fruits and flowers. leaders of the hospital pointed out that the earthquake has caused enormous personal injury and property damage, hoping that more caring enterprises would give a helping hand.

eisai will keep a close eye on the progress and demands of the earthquake-stricken areas, maintain close communication with the seismic rescue brigade dispatched by the second affiliated hospital of kunming medical university and further support the earthquake relief work in local areas. eisai hoped to do his share for helping the residents in the earthquake-stricken areas. apart from the above, eisai plan to organize hhc (human health care) campaigns to actively help the residents with homeland rehabilitation.

it is reported that eisai has established its presence in chinese market for 23 years and has established a profound friendship with china for 42 years. when china is hit by major natural disasters, eisai always has a caring heart for the stricken areas and offers humanitarian aid and support for people there. for example, eisai donated rmb 5 million via wenchuan earthquake the red cross society of china after occurrence of wenchuan earthquake, which were then invested in the construction of eisai red cross boai health center in kaijiang town, zhongjiang county, sichuan. for another instance, eisai donated antibiotic drugs valued rmb 390,000 after occurrence of yushu earthquake in qinghai. eisai is committed to mankind health care services and values honoring social responsibility as his key mission.