eisai presenting the first gifts to students of yunzhou central primary school in chicheng county after they came back to school – eisai china lnc.-pg电子app

on a stormy day on sep. 2, 2014 as predicated by the meteorological forecast and warning center of beijing, the staff of eisai pharmacy administration base was preparing for the “well-being campaign” donation to yunzhou central primary school in chicheng county with full enthusiasm and expectation. upon entrustment by feng yanhui, general manager of eisai china, the staff, all filled with the “hhc” spirit, embarked on the journey to yunzhou central primary school just before dawn in spite of the rain.

the chinese children and teenagers well-being and growth program is a large-scale public welfare program jointly sponsored by china children and teenagers’ fund and state administration of work safety. chicheng county is a national-level poverty-stricken county and also one of the targets given priority in attaining anti-poverty support. as instructed by the gm feng yanhui, eisai people should participate in public welfare campaigns and help every single student with practical actions. since this june, eisai pharmacy administration base has been maintaining intensive communication with the headmaster and teachers of yunzhou central primary school through china children and teenagers’ fund, and has donated books and articles for study and daily use which satisfy the actual demands of teachers and students. among the donations, there are 279 books of different kinds that greatly enrich the categories of library books help students to expand the areas of reading and absorb more nourishment for the mind; and there are 203 packages of stationery, kettles and other articles for study and daily use that can improve the students’ studying and living qualities. eisai hopes all the students in the school will study and grow up healthily and happily.


at the donation ceremony of ankang library, the students spoke with wholehearted gratitude and resolution to study hard and give back to the society. eisai staff there was all moved by their tender and firm voices. yamada koki, head of the pharmacy administration base said smiley that “i hope to make some humble efforts to help children and teenagers in the local area grow up healthily and happily, especially the leftover and migrant children.”


on a chilly day, the students there were seating on the playground under a gloomy sky. though not as white-skinned and strong as children living in cities, they’re all wearing innocent and grateful smiles. their smiles warm the hearts of all the eisai staff there. you would never be touched to the very heart in this way if you haven’t traveled a long way to this primary school, moved so many boxes of books and stationery with your hands, heard of the children’s tender and firm voices, seen their warm smiles, and stepped inside the toilets built by bricks without flushing facilities at the corner of the playground. deeply infected by what eisai staff has done for them, the students know better about cherishing, gratitude and giving back. knowing that several students need to share one computer when taking computer lessons, yamada koki said eisai would offer continual concern and support for the primary school and do everything it could to help the children, in the hope that the children would develop lofty ideals, behave gratefully and give back to the society.

these books, carrying not only knowledge but also love and hope, are the gifts given by eisai to the pupils in this impoverished mountainous area when they came back to school. 
eisai has been launching “hhc” campaigns for long, and education is one of the target fields of these campaigns. in 2006, eisai ever offered full financial support for the supreme people’s court to implement the “whu changes destiny” program, offering subsidies of rmb 360,000 to the children of impoverished judges in guizhou. since 2008, eisai has funded many scholarship programs in an array of medical colleges and universities, covering shenyang pharmaceutical university, shanghai jiao tong university, suzhou university, sun yat-sen university, suzhou industrial park institute of vocational technology and suzhou college of medicine science and technology, etc. eisai, a pharmaceutical enterprise operating in china for 23 years and valuing honoring social responsibilities as its important mission, is always ready to make due contributions to china’s public welfare programs.

(note: the teaching building of yunzhou central primary school shown in the photo is donated by benevolent public figures.)