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on march 12th, a group of executives from shinsei electronics co., ltd., inclusive of president yamashita noriyuki, division head isobe takashi, and etc., visited eisai (china) headquarter and had friendly and cordial talks with the management staff of eisai (china). the two parties reached a strategic cooperation agreement on “icg clearance meter,” and eisai (china) will become the exclusive distributor of the product in china which will be jointly promoted with indocyanine green for injection, a product of eisai (liaoning) pharmaceutical co., ltd. during the conversation, division head, isobe takashi introduced the development history, business overview and future cooperation prospects of shinsei electronics. both the chairman, kaneko norio, and the general manager, feng yanhui expressed that the cooperation with shinsei electronics is an attempt by eisai (china) to expand the business in new fields, and they look forward to a successful cooperation and mutual benefits. sincere thanks were given to shinsei electronics for choosing eisai (china) as a strategic partner to provide chinese doctors and patients with better treatment solutions. at the same time, misawa yukihiro, manager of business development department of eisai (china), and cai ningbo, senior product manager of merchants department, gave a detailed introduction of eisai (china) and the marketing model and strategy of “icg clearance meter”.

the project aims to break through the barriers in sales of liver reserve function testing through the equipment introduction, and to increase the market competitiveness of eisai (china) in this field. the introduction of the equipment will greatly stimulate the sale of indocyanine green, and also expand new business opportunities for the company to increase its business scope. thorough cooperation of all departments is the key to the success of eisai (china) in obtaining the distributorship of “icg clearance meter” in china.