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on may 29, the china human capital forum 2018 was held in china world hotel beijing, announcing that the human resource team of eisai china won the “best hr teams in greater china” of hroot awards 2018 for their outstanding achievements and contributions in pushing the development and innovation of the corporate, building excellent workplaces and promoting business development. mr. yamada koki, head of pharmaceutical affairs division of eisai china, mr. yu ruilong, director of drug affairs & relationship department of eisai china, and ms. wang li, manager of human resource department of eisai china attended the award ceremony. 

mr. yamada koki accepted the award

china human capital forum, sponsored annually by china’s leading hr media – hroot, is a foremost hr summit in the hr field in china region. it seeks to provide senior executives and hr managers with a communicating platform for sharing high-end, forward-looking management concepts and discussing the up-to-date practices. the forum was inaugurated in 2008 and has been successfully operated for 10 years. it attracted nearly 2,000 participators this time, including senior hr executives from 64 state-owned enterprises, 271 fortune global 500 enterprises, and 359 china top 500 enterprises.

eisai china won the best hr teams in greater china” of hroot award 2018

eisai china‘s hr team always dedicates to promoting the “human health care (hhc)” corporate philosophy and rooting it in the hearts of eisai’s employees. hhc is the soul of the eisai employees and is where the significance of their endeavors lie. a half-day hhc activity is specially included in the new employee training in eisai china to better implement and practice this corporate philosophy instead of just introducing it as a terminology. eisai china recommends that all of its employees spend 1% of their business time each year practicing hhc. what‘s more, the corporate carries out over 300 hhc activities each year such as eisai china cognition school, the serving chopsticks action, the yellow wristband action, eisai china scholarships for medical school students, and etc. 

mr. yamada koki, mr. yu ruilong and ms. wang li

in the internet era, working people study in fragmented time and through mobile applications more than ever. eisai china’s employees, of whom 70% are sales & marketing personnel, work in over 40 cities. for better using the existing resources to provide better learning channels for its employees, eisai china‘s hr department established “eisai library (shu-yuan)” platform in 2016, providing both online and offline learning services. this platform includes a real library, “joyful reading room(yue-xiang-ge)”, for offline reading, and gives online book recommendations, book introductions, sofa talks, live broadcasts and masters’ sharing, and etc., which attracted a maximum of 1,274 person-time interactions. in 2018, the eisai library (shu-yuan) was updated to include a comprehensive learning platform – “cloud library (yun-xue-yuan)”, an online sharing community for independent learning – “eisai courses (wei-ke-tang)”, an independent learning community – “talents fusion (da-ren-hui)”, an offline learning salon – “travel-know class (xing-zhi-tang)”, and the offline library “joyful reading room (yue-xiang-ge)” was expanded to eisai china‘s beijing branch.

in 2015, eisai china’s hr department launched eisai management academy, a talent project accelerating the development of the high-potential supervisors and managers and preparing managerial staff for the business expansion of the corporate. to date, 45% trainees of the current 2 sessions have got promotion. what‘s more, the corporate continuously develops cross-function rotations, overseas rotations and the tutorial system to enrich the vocational developments of its employees. currently, 60% management positions were selected from its internal personnel. the project “eisai management academy” won the “top 10 influential events award” of eisai china in fiscal year 2017, and the “top 20 most popular projects award” of ceibs business online in march, 2018.

eisai china always regards the improvements in employees‘capability as one of its long-term strategies. in a bid to strengthen its staff‘s sense of belonging and enhance the cohesive force in the corporate, eisai china has established “honorary staff awards” for the employees who have served the company for 5, 10, 15 and 20 years separately. by the end of march, 2018, eisai has 23 20-year employees, 71 15-year employees, 182 10-year employees and 542 5-year employees. the corporate regards employees’ability improvements and loyalty as the biggest return and a positive response. in eisai china, you have huge vocational development space, and grow together with the corporate.