shanghai tennry and eisai china inc. reached a strategic cooperation in the chinese market – eisai china lnc.-pg电子app

shanghai tenry pharmaceutical company limited (hereinafter referred to as “shanghai tenry”) and eisai china inc. signed a marketing service agreement. shanghai tengry is responsible for the market promotion of glufast® (mitiglinide calcium tablets), a diabetes treatment drug, in china, and the two parties will work hand in hand to serve the vast population of diabetic patients in china.

glufast® (mitiglinide calcium tablets)-faster and stronger, safer and more effective for lowering blood sugar

glufast®, as a new generation of fast-acting physiological model insulin secretagogue, is suitable for improving postprandial hyperglycemia in t2dm. it has the three characteristics of “fast”, “stable” and “strong”, which can be “faster”, “stronger” and “more effective” for lowering blood sugar. it is an ideal choice for improving insulin secretion defects in diabetic patients. in 2017, it was successfully listed in the national medical insurance catalogue and became a resistance as one of the powerful options for “diabetes”.

according to the latest estimates of the international diabetes federation, china has the largest population of diabetic patients in the world. it is currently estimated that there are more than 114 million diabetic patients, and this number is still rising. among all diabetes patients in china, more than 90% are type ii diabetes patients, and the prevalence of type ii diabetes in china is still increasing significantly.

shanghai tengry and eisai china inc. work together to help more diabetic patients

ms. yanhui feng, senior vice president of eisai global and president of eisai china, said: “i am very happy to have reached a cooperation with shanghai tengry this time and we will help more and more many patients with diabetes in china.”

mr. tao ye, chairman and ceo of shanghai tengry, said: “eisai is a world-renowned pharmaceutical company. we are much honored to be able to cooperate with eisai china inc., and hope that, through shanghai tengry’s channel resources and professional promotion, we can help glufast® play greater value, provide patients with ideal treatment plans, and serve more doctors and patients in need.”

at present, the policy environment promotes comprehensive and profound changes in the pharmaceutical industry, and win-win cooperation between pharmaceutical companies has become the mainstream. in the future, through core resource sharing and complementary advantages and capabilities, eisai china inc. will work with more pharmaceutical companies to provide professional and high-quality products and services for chinese patients.