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on august 30, 2020, “the 37th china pharmaceutical industry information annual conference2020″ hosted by china pharmaceutical industry information center was held in zhuhai, guangdong province, and the conference released the list of the top 100 pharmaceutical enterprises in china in 2019, which attracted much attention from the industry. eisai china holdings ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “eisai china”) ranked the 71st, being on this list for five consecutive years. the ranking has risen from the 97th in 2015 to the 71st in 2019, manifesting the strong development of eisai china in recent years.

eisai china ranks 71st in list of top 100 pharmaceutical enterprises in china

with the theme of “innovation power”, this conference focused on the thoughts and explorations of new paths of innovation and development of chinese medicine in the post-covid19 period. the list of top 100 pharmaceutical enterprises in china reflects the economic operation of china’s pharmaceutical industry, in which enterprises are ranked according to the annual chinese pharmaceutical statistics report published by the ministry of industry and information technology. the entry threshold of the top 100 in 2019 was increased from 2.61 billion yuan in 2018 to 2.86 billion yuan. according to the statistics and analysis of china pharmaceutical industry information center, the top 100 enterprises in 2019 continued their consistent strong growth momentum, with their main business income reaching 929.64 billion yuan, up by 10.7%. driven by the leading role of the top 100 enterprises, the pharmaceutical industry enterprises have maintained strong revenue capacity and sufficient development momentum. the list of top 100 pharmaceutical enterprises in china can stimulate the innovative impetus of more enterprises, drive more enterprises to transform and upgrade, and promote the high-quality development of china’s pharmaceutical industry.

ms. rao ying from access management division of eisai china received the award on behalf of the company

eisai china has been developing smoothly since it entered the chinese market in the early 1990s. it has set up shenyang eisai pharmaceutical co., ltd and eisai (suzhou) pharmaceutical co., ltd. since 1991, and was officially renamed eisai china inc. in 2002. with the business development in china, eisai (suzhou) trade co., ltd. was established in 2010, eisai holdings ltd. was established in 2014, and eisai (liaoning) pharmaceutical co., ltd. was officially established in 2015 through full acquisition of local generic pharmaceutical enterprises. so far, a development mode has been formed, consisting of eisai china holdings ltd. for capital control and management, while eisai china inc., eisai (liaoning) pharmaceutical co., ltd. and eisai (suzhou) trading co., ltd. for business support. in november 2018, the new factory in suzhou of eisai china was opened for business. it is one of the main factories of the group, and the products it produces will not only meet the demand of the chinese market, but also be supplied to 23 countries and regions such as east asia, southeast asia, middle east, central and south america and europe. eisai china’s sales have been among the highest among the japanese-funded pharmaceutical companies in china for more than 10 consecutive years.

eisai china will always uphold its business philosophy of hhc (human health care) and provide patients and their families with high-quality, environmentally friendly, safe and satisfactory products and services. hopefully eisai china can work with all its employees to build itself into a respectable hhc company.