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eisai china inc. is certified as the “top employers china 2020” with its outstanding performance announced by the top employers institute on december 2, 2019.

eisai china’s trophy of “top employers china 2020”

initiated by the top employers institute, it aims to identify top employers in china through a globally unified certification research standard and process, which fields are covered by the survey: talent strategy, workforce planning, talent acquisition, onboarding, learning and development, performance management, leadership development, career and succession management, compensation and benefits, and culture. the whole certification process complies with international standards, which is rigorous and normative. a total of more than 600 companies applied for certification in 2020, and only fewer than 100 companies passed it. eisai china inc. has been certified as the “top employers china 2020” certification when participating in the activity for the first time.

ms. feng yanhui was interviewed.

ms. feng yanhui, vice president of eisai co., ltd. and president of eisai china holdings ltd. and eisai china inc., said: “eisai china has always regarded the improvement of staff capabilities as one of its long-term strategies for corporate development. an excellent human resources management strategy is also one of the key elements in achieving eisai’s strategic goals of eway2025. in the past 28 years, eisai has always been rooted in china and has maintained healthy, healthy, and rapid growth. it is inseparable from the continuous exploration and pursuit of excellence in talent training and development models, tapping the expertise and potential of each employee, and deeply creating an employer brand with eisai chinese characteristics.”

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the fast development of eisai in china, owes to highly democratic and transparent management style and timely grasp of the market change. we fully respect every employee, and encourage the knowledge innovation and adherence to strict moral standard. and highly advocate the working atmosphere of cooperation. just as the corporate philosophy “human health care (hhc)” described, eisai pays attention to the physical and mental health of every employee and family members, and purchases comprehensive commercial insurance for every employee who joins the big family of eisai in china. employees can not only enjoy corporate benefits such as paid annual leave, company trip, overseas annual conferences, etc., but also take family members to participate in recreational activities such as family day, eisai’s family feast, marathons and so on, experience hhc’s corporate culture and enjoy family parent-child time with their family members.

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in recent years, eisai has created an individual development plan (idp) to accelerate the rapid development and promotion of employees by combining the market’s new technology and the trend of self-media, and utilizing online and offline combination and personalized customization. at the same time, a mentor-led learning ecosystem has been established, and projects such as the eisai management institute, the eagle program, cross-departmental and overseas work shift have been continuously improved to provide employees with complete technical and ability support and enable employees to have growth mindset. obtaining the top employer certification is also an important recognition of achievements in talent training.

taking “innovation, inspire high, ownership, integrity, teamwork” as the core value, eisai china inc. continuously carries out talent development and structural optimization and values the personal value of every employee based on compliance, provides training and opportunities for career development, competitive compensation and benefits, and comprehensive care and protection for employees. we instill in our employees a strong commitment to our hhc philosophy and continually encourage them to contribute to the betterment of the healthcare community, particularly the patients and their families. we hope that eisai china can work with all employees to create a respected, healthy and happy company.