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the 2nd annual scientific session of chinese stroke association (csa) and tiantan international stroke conference (tisc) were held at beijing national convention center in beijing on june 24-26, 2016. and medical doctors and experts visited eisai china inc. (eisai china)’s booth area continuously which received a great attention. 

osd facility relocation groundbreaking ceremony of eisai china

the osd facility relocation groundbreaking ceremony of eisai china inc. (hereinafter referred to as “eisai china”) was held at suzhou industrial park on the morning of may 31, 2016. the leaders of the japanese consulate general in shanghai, jiangsu provincial food and drug administration, suzhou municipal government, management committee of suzhou industrial park, suzhou municipal food and drug administration, eisai co., ltd., and eisai china attended the groundbreaking ceremony.

eisai china donates medicines worth 144,000 yuan to the “health for rural areas” program for three consecutive years

on may 19, 2016, eisai china inc. (hereinafter referred to as “eisai china”) attended on invitation the “health for rural areas” program which was jointly held by the committee of education, science, culture, health and sports of chinese people’s political consultative conference (cppcc) and chinese hospital association in yuanling county, huaihua city, hunan province, and donated to this program the medicines which are worth about 500,000 yuan and will be used for medical treatment and health purposes at local hospitals. statistics show that eisai china has always upheld the spirit of “hhc (human health care)”, fulfilled its corporate responsibility, and donated medicines worth 450,000yuan and 490,000 yuan respectively through the “health for rural areas” programs in 2014 and 2015.

eisai receives positive chmp opinion on new indication for anticancer agent halaven® for treatment of advanced liposarcoma

eisai co., ltd. (headquarters: tokyo, ceo: haruo naito, “eisai”) announced today that its european regional headquarters eisai europe ltd. (location: u.k.) has received a positive opinion from the european medicines agency‘s committee for medicinal products for human use (chmp) on anticancer agent halaven® (eribulin mesylate) for treatment of adult patients with unresectable liposarcomas who have received prior anthracycline containing therapy (unless unsuitable) for advanced or metastatic disease. halaven is the first and only single agent to demonstrate an overall survival (os) benefit in a phase iii trial in patients with advanced, recurrent or metastatic soft tissue sarcoma (liposarcoma or leiomyosarcoma). following approval for use in the treatment of metastatic breast cancer in the eu, this marks the second indication for which halaven has received a positive chmp opinion based on a statistically significant extension of os.

eisai to acquire chinese generic pharmaceutical company liaoning tianyi biological pharmaceutical co., ltd.

eisai co., ltd. (headquarters: tokyo, ceo: haruo naito, “eisai”) announced today that its china holding company eisai china holdings ltd. (location: suzhou, jiangsu province) has signed an agreement to purchase 100% of the shares of liaoning tianyi biological pharmaceutical co., ltd. (location: benxi, liaoning province, china, “tianyi”) held by both xiaojun zhao, representative director and president of longyuan education industry investment & management groups co., ltd., and hong sun. under this agreement, the purchase price is rmb 500 million (approximately jpy 9.6 billion based on 1 rmb = 19.2 jpy). this agreement is expected to take effect once the conditions of transfer have been arranged.

eisai presenting the first gifts to students of yunzhou central primary school in chicheng county after they came back to school

on a stormy day on sep. 2, 2014 as predicated by the meteorological forecast and warning center of beijing, the staff of eisai pharmacy administration base was preparing for the “well-being campaign” donation to yunzhou central primary school in chicheng county with full enthusiasm and expectation. upon entrustment by feng yanhui, general manager of eisai china, the staff, all filled with the “hhc” spirit, embarked on the journey to yunzhou central primary school just before dawn in spite of the rain.

eisai donating medical supplies and cashes valued rmb 600,000 to ludian earthquake stricken areas in yunnan

on aug. 21, 2014, eisai, with the help of seismic rescue brigade dispatched by the second affiliated hospital of kunming medical university, donated medical supplies and cashed valued rmb 600,000 to the areas in yunnan hit by ludian earthquake, including medical supplies valued rmb 250,000 and rmb 350,000 cashes. the cashes will be used in post-disaster reconstruction of village clinics there.

“meet you on wednesdays” platform

the “meet you on wednesdays” platform sponsored by china international forum of medicine under chinese medical association and co-sponsored by eisai china inc. was officially launched recently. it is a network interaction & learning platform on peripheral neuropathy and other relevant diseases. china international forum of medicine is responsible for inviting prestigious national neurologist to deliver lectures and introduce typical cases of peripheral neuropathy, aiming at improving the skills of clinicians’ of all levels in mainland china in diagnosis and treatment of peripheral neuropathy.


“we-orthopedics” is a wechat public platform developed in response to the mass’s reduced dependency on pc terminals and increasing application of mobile pone app wechat. as the first wechat public platform of eisai, “we-orthopedics” is positioned as a platform designed for chinese orthopedists for the purpose of academic exchange in orthopedics and release of latest news, eisai orthopedics product information and events. it is also an aggressive exploration of eisai orthopedics team amidst the tide of e-promotion.

“osteoporosis-care for doctors” kick-off meeting

osteoporosis is a latent and degenerative disease featured by high morbidity, disability rate and fatality rate. 69,440,000 persons of those aged 50 or above suffer from osteoporosis. the fatalness of osteoporotic fracture is 40% for women and 13% for men. for those suffering from osteoporotic fragility fracture on hip, 20% will die from complications of this disease, 30% become permanently disable, 40% lose the ability of independent ambulation, and 50% lose the ability of self-care after one year. meanwhile, medical staff serving those patients has to work for long hours under tremendous pressure. what’s more, physicians are also victims of diseases. they are exposed to twice higher risk of diseases than the peers. in particular, the physicians aged 40 or above are exposed to a much higher risk of geriatric diseases than average. the medical staff who brings health and happiness to patients also requires our concern and care.